Marcello Pro Fix/Pro Relax/Pro Air Massage

Single-seat Wash unit with galvanized frame steel and polyurethane.

1) Folding seat (for immediate access for maintenance and connections.)
2) Large size white or black color ceramic basin
3) Anti-drip mixer on request
4) Backrest with lumbar support
5) Ergonomic panelboard
6) Product support shelf on the back carter
7) Wide contact surface on the ground for hydraulic connections
8) Relax and Air massage version with electrical legrest
9) Air massage system only in the Air massage version
OPTION “OTOL”: version with automatic leg lift

Marcello Pro Fix min 98/max 106 cm 122 cm 70 cm
Marcello Pro Air Massage min 95/max 106 cm min 122/max 165 cm 70 cm

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Struttura in acciaio zincato e imbottitura in poliuretano.


Dimensioni: MARCELLO PRO FIX  min 98/max 106 cm ↗ 122 cm  70 cm
MARCELLO PRO AIR MASSAGE ↑ min 95/max 106 cm ↗ min 122/max 165 cm → 70 cm


Versione Relax e Air massage


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